Salt and Vinegar "Chips"

Keto Salt and Vinegar Chips

There are some old favourites you may be missing on your keto journey, like salt and vinegar chips. This Keto alternative has zero carbs and it's deliciously satisfying.  Many of my keto coaching clients find this substitute helpful, especially when family members are snacking on chips or pop corn.  I often pack pork rinds, which are mild in flavour, as a travel or lunch snack for my family, too.  I hope this low-carb alternative becomes your new favourite keto "chip".

Pork Rinds

Pork rinds are a staple ingredient in my keto pantry.  Not only can you enjoy them as a chip, but ground pork rinds are also my preferred meat breading  - it's amazing! You may like to try my keto Chicken Cordon Blue recipe.   I only purchase rendered pork rinds as there's no need for added seed oils.  Be discerning and read the ingredient label carefully before purchasing.  I use the UTZ brand, available in large 510g/18oz containers. The only ingredients are fried pork skins and salt.

Salt and Vinegar Seasoning

I use Pork King Good Himalayan Salt and Vinegar Seasoning. I also use their ranch, sour cream and onion seasoning.

Salt and Vinegar "Chips"

Serves |1
15g Pork Rinds (8 pork rinds)
Pork King Good Himalayan Pink Salt and Vinegar Seasoning
Place pork rinds in a bowl.
Sprinkle with salt and vinegar seasoning to taste.
Nutrition Facts
per serving
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