Nutrition Policy

La Dolce Keto provides approximate nutrition information as a courtesy. Nutrition data is gathered primarily through Carb Manager, whenever available. Our nutrition facts, including total calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber per serving are offered for convenience purposes only for a ketogenic lifestyle.

While we make every effort to maintain accuracy, we do not provide warranties regarding the precision of this information. We encourage readers to independently verify their own calculations.

Below are common factors contributing to discrepancies in nutrition calculations:

Sweeteners: Our carbohydrate calculation excludes erythritol and allulose, because these do not affect blood sugar in most individuals. Many online calculators do not subtract erythritol and allulose from carbohydrate calculations.

Rounding: It is common practice for food packaging to round to the nearest 0.5g or nearest 1g. When larger quantities are used in a recipe, this rounding may contribute to notable discrepancy in total nutrition.

Measurement: Exact nutrition can vary depending on how ingredients are measured.

Brand: Nutrition information may vary between different brands of the same food product.

For more information, please also see our Terms & Conditions.
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