Keto Kitchen Makeover

Transform your kitchen and take your first step towards sustainable low-carb success.
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Learn how to start your keto lifestyle today

Ready to make some low-carb magic? Together, we’ll transform your kitchen to equip you with the ingredients, tools and know-how you need to embark on a nourishing keto lifestyle.

Whether you’re beginning your keto diet, or ready to take the next step towards sustainable vitality and wellness, this step-by-step online course will help you save time, ditch the cravings, and create delicious ketogenic meals that the whole family will love. (Yes, even the kids!)

What will I learn during Keto Kitchen Makeover?

Designed to get your ketogenic wellness journey off to the best possible start, this self-paced online course covers six modules and 40 lessons that help you begin your keto diet and achieve your health goals.

Learn how to remove the stress of daily food planning while stocking your pantry, fridge and freezer with the ingredients and keto staples needed for sustainable success. We’ll then whip up fast, restaurant-worthy meals, with over 60 new recipes that satisfy your cravings, without the blood sugar spike. Plus, with time-saving hacks and organizational tips to ensure you’re never hungry for more, we’ll remove the burden of restrictive diets, and rediscover the joy of cooking and eating effortlessly – all while feeling great and looking even better.
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How does the Keto Kitchen Makeover work?

This self-paced online course grants you instant access to six key learning modules and 40 lessons from La Dolce Keto Kitchen to help you start and sustain a keto diet:
Module 1:
Keto Pantry Essentials
Module 2:
Fridge Staples & Organization
Module 3:
Time-Saving Meal Prep
Module 4:
Comfort Food Favourites
Module 5:
Make Ahead to Grab & Go
Module 6:
Keto Desserts
Bonus Module:
Present Moment Meal Planning
Plus more than 60 new recipes, to support your Keto Kitchen Makeover.
When you purchase Keto Kitchen Makeover, your course materials are sent to your chosen email address and are accessible immediately, yours to keep and revisit at any time. No need to wait until Monday – your low carb sweet life starts right now!
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Is this beginner keto course for me?

Do you want to cook easy, family-friendly meals (or grab them straight from the fridge or freezer) while still hitting your health goals? If so, this course is for you! You’ll learn to create low-carb, sugar-free meals that effortlessly support weight loss, metabolic therapy, glucose stability and a good dose of joy; all while keeping things stress-free and delicious. And yes, dessert is still on the menu!

That means no separate meals, no guilt, no unbeatable cravings or unrealistic expectations. Just delicious meals and snacks, and sustainable ways to work smarter, not harder.
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Includes 40 lessons to help you learn and master:

Essential keto ingredients to have on hand so you’re always prepared
Time-saving techniques to create delectable meals in a jiffy
Exclusive recipes for keto-friendly comfort food favorites
A sustainable ketogenic lifestyle your whole family will love
Overcoming cravings and eliminating pitfalls for long-term success
Effortlessly enjoying a low-carb life without compromise
60+ new recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert

Ready to take the fast-track to keto success?

Start today and get immediate access for just
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