Hello I’m Anne marie matthews

A certified keto lifestyle coach, recipe creator, guide and mentor.

I’m also a foodie from a big Italian family. And I’m here to inspire you to enjoy delicious, soul-warming comfort food, while hitting your health goals with a low-carb lifestyle.
My story

My keto wellness journey

Today, I’m a certified nutritional ketosis lifestyle coach who loves to share the joy of cooking for a sustainable, low-carb sweet life; but my “Why” has been a lifetime in the making.

As an Italian-Canadian kid, I was lucky enough to grow up cooking with fresh ingredients from my parent’s hobby farm and pantry (“cantina”). But even a diet rich in whole foods triggered inflammation in my body, and I developed severe acne as a teen that medications couldn’t alleviate. Seeking holistic health alternatives, I learned my first lessons in the connections between nature, nutrition, lifestyle and health. You can still find me in my garden, covered in dirt, decades later!

Anne Marie Matthews with her dog
Anne Marie Matthews in a yoga pose
Shortly afterwards, my father was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I started a mission to find food alternatives that supported his health, while still preserving the cherished Italian traditions he held dear. I experimented endlessly with ingredients, flavours and techniques, creating meals that sparked joy without spiking blood sugar. The outcome formed the basis for my Keto Italian Comfort Foods course – all prepared with love, and tried and tested by my hardest (and most important) client!

As my wellness journey continued, I delved deep into yoga studies, eventually marrying a yogi named Colin. Together, we founded a community of yoga studios in Toronto, Canada, which we guided for 16 years. During this chapter, we explored a vegetarian lifestyle and even featured a raw food restaurant at one of our studios. However, despite my lifestyle, I still suffered from intense fatigue, bloating, weight gain and continued acne into my 30s. I was perplexed and frustrated; and like many others, found my symptoms dismissed by my family physician.

Nourishing transformation and kitchen alchemy

Anne marie matthews eating cherry tomato in her vegatable garden
After years of intense experimentation in my kitchen – from garden to table cooking, to training as a raw vegan chef, going vegetarian, and then paleo – I returned to the principles of keto, finally improving my own decades-long ailments.

Nutritional ketosis provided me with incredible energy, sustainable weight loss, less inflammation, and an end to chronic fatigue, bloating and acne; it even brought relief to my husband’s chronic pain after a serious car accident. Keto now forms the foundational pillar for my family’s health and wellness across multiple generations – and life is sweeter than ever.

Now, as a certified keto diet coach, I’ve studied the nuances of fat adaptation and metabolic flexibility. I’m passionate about creating a kitchen abundant in nutrient dense, sugar-free, delicious keto meals for the whole family, as is my cultural love language. Over 20+ years of wellness and lifestyle studies, I’ve done the trial and error to find ways to save time, reduce overwhelm and maintain a sustainable lifestyle for the long term. This is the secret sauce at the heart of La Dolce Keto community; and now it’s time to share these tried and tested techniques with you.
Kale and brocollini with lemon on a chopping board

Ready to begin your story?

I’ve found better health and sustainable food freedom with the low-carb sweet life – La Dolce Keto! – and I know you can, too. But change can be hard, and doing it alone is even harder. That’s why I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re frustrated and struggling with weight, energy, autoimmune and metabolic health or other concerns, your journey to vitality and wellness starts here. Let’s cook up a low carb sweet life together, to eat well, feel well and live well – and I promise it will be delicious!

Meet you in the kitchen?

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an assortment of fresh foods for keto food prep including salmon, broccoli, avocado, eggs, chicken, peppers, rock salt, cabbage,

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